"The City with a Smile"

City of Raymondville Economic Development Corporation
700 FM 3168
Raymondville, TX 78580


Let Raymondville, "The City With a Smile", and the City of Raymondville Economic Development Corporation help you build your business.  Our personnel can assist with form applications, search of funds, business locations, and any other stepping stones in creating a great business.  Come visit and discover the great possibilities Raymondville has to offer.

A 4B Corporation
The Corporation is a nonprofit corporation, and is an industrial development corporation under Chapter 505 (Chapter 505) of the Development Corporation Act, Texas Local Government Code, Title 12, Subtitle C1, as amended (the Act),  and shall be governed by Chapter 505 of said Act. 

Raymondville EDC Board of Directors

Gilbert Gonzales

Vice President
Eziquiel D. Cavazos

Virginia Torres

Board Members
David Wittenbach
Neil Patel
George Solis

Eleazar Garcia Jr.



Office: (956) 689-1860 or 1861
Fax:    (956) 689-1863


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